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Since January 2016 nearly 350,000 migrants have attempted crossing the Mediterranean sea, and according to the United Nations, over 4,600 people have drowned in their attempt. Global Disaster Immediate Response Team (Global DIRT), through its Africa/Europe/Middle East Regional Office, ​has deployed two rotations of rescue​ ​teams to utilize rigid hull inflatable boats aboard the LifeBoat Minden to assist those in distress and coordinate with the United Nations, other Non-Governmental Organizations, and the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center – Rome.

Smugglers are sending hundreds of ill-equipped ships from the coast of Northern Africa each month, putting tens of thousands of people at risk. In order to best respond to this acute need, DIRT deployed an initial recon team in September of 2016 to identify critical needs. The first team to deploy rescued hundreds of migrants in need and the decision was made to send a complete assessment team in November to further assist in rescue operations as well as identify ways to reduce risk to those attempting the crossing.

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Global DIRT needs your support for the successful implementation of this emergency operation. To donate today please follow the DONATE button on the right hand side of the page, secured through Paypal. Checks and Wire transfers are also possible through the CONTACT link at the top of this page. For those looking to volunteer please click on the GET INVOLVED! link at the top of the page. DIRT works extensively to prepare teams ahead of deployments but may add additional personnel as needed with special skills including K9 handlers (FEMA Certified), structural engineers, doctors, and persons with language/dialect specific knowledge of our deployment area.

About Help.NGO

The mission of Help.NGO’s Disaster Immediate Response Team (DIRT) is to fill the void that exists between the time of a disaster occurrence and that of the traditional response effort. The international non-governmental organization has operated based on this premise since its creation in 2010.

Originally formed as it’s own entity named Global DIRT, it is now a team operated by Help.NGO and utilizes the Special Force’s small unit leadership model, combining its all-volunteer force of first responders, subject matter experts, and prior service military personnel to respond within the first 24-48 hours of a disaster. Volunteers provide medical assistance, communications access, search and rescue capabilities, and coordination support. Help.NGO’s DIRT is able to insert into a disaster or post-disaster situation with key equipment and knowledge, thus limiting the loss of life, property, and resources, all while operating efficiently to ensure that every donor dollar contributes to mission success.

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